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PARE Distinctive

Epidemiological Risks attention Protocol


PARE Distinctive

Epidemiological Risks attention Protocol

Inspection of compliance with the Protocol for Attention to Epidemiological Risks.

The Epidemiological Risks Attention Protocol (PARE) is a program accredite by the Mexican Accreditation Entity (EMA) that aims to maximun guarantees for lients and collaboratos in the fight against COVID-19 or any other epidemiological disease. This badge is a response to the need to reducethe effects on the economic sector that pandemic can cause.


With the implementation of this protocol, it is intended that organizations can guarantee, both, their collaborators and clients, that all the protocols for mitigiation and reduction of risk due to contangion of of epidemiological diseases are applie to gradually achieve the reactivation of economic activities.


By earning the bagde (after successfully completing an inspection), everyone involved can be sure that real and effective barries have been put in place to prevent contagion from continuing while activities are reactivated.

Management Commitment:
The organization’s management must have clear commitment to prevent the spread of COVID-19 caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Risk analysis:
The organization mus be aware of possible sources of contagion and assign controls for them.

Emergency plan:
Have an emergency plan for possible COVID-19 infections.

Efficient communication:
There must be efficient communication regarding practices to prevent the spread of the virus.

Facilities and vehicles:
Operational controls in facilities and vehicles.

Have personnel trained in prevenion and care practics in the event of a contagion.


In addition to having an accredited and recognized recognition by EMA, the organizations that have the PARE distinctive will obtain benefits such as:

Being source of trust, by having an instrument that provides peace of mind to all who are in contact with the organization.


Provide the certainty of being an organization that complies with regulations and efficiently establishes health and biological safety barriers against ny epidemiological disease such as COVID-19.


Stand out as a structure organizion, due to the incorporation of correct security practices and the strengthening of the organization’s management system.

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