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ISO 21001

Sistema de Gestión para Organizaciones Educativas



This regulation guarantees the compliance of the requirements of the student through teaching, learning and investigation. Process.

ISO 21001 provides a management tool for organizations that provides products and educational services that satisfy the needs and requirements of students and other customers. It’s an independent management system.

This regulation concentrates on the relationship between schools, students, customers, and other interested parties specifically requirements of a Management System for Educational Organizations (SGOE) for example the following:

  • To demonstrate the capacity to provide, share and facilitate knowledge, at the same time complies with legal and regulations requirements.
  • The main objective is the students, customers and staff satisfaction through the SGOE effective usage, including the improvement of systems, and guarantees the compliance with customers and students’ requirement.
The regulation could be used for educational organizations inside a bigger Company, whose main business is not education but a professional training department.

*Note: ISO 21001 do not apply to organizations that only produce or produces educational products.


ISO 21001 requirements are generic and useful in educational organizations that provides, shares and facilitates the development of knowledge through teaching, training or investigation. It doesn’t matter the type, size and product or service. Therefore, it's applicable for a management system of any organization that uses a study plan to provide, share and transfer knowledge.

ISO 21001 complies with the Higher-Level Structure (HLS), it can be used in an educational institution since has a management system.

4. Organization context
5. Leadership
6. Planning
7. Support
9. Performance assessment
10. Improving
Annex A. Additional requirement for a child education organization
Annex B. Principles of a management system of an educational organization (SGOE)
Annex C. Interested party’s classification in educational organizations
Annex D. Guidelines for communication with interested parties
Annex E. Process, measure, and tools in educational organizations
Annex F. Mapping examples to a regional regulation.
Annex G. Health and Safety considerations for educational organizations


  • To have a documented system according to the applicable regulation
  • To clearly defined the certification scope
  • To keep a management system implementation evidence for a list 3 months. * Recommendation
  • To keep internal auditors that could develop internal audits.
  • To have records related to at list one internal audit
  • To have evidence of implementation related to a documented process, record control, taken actions, internal audits, among others.
  • To have records related to the leadership commitment where the compliance is assured with the applicable requirements for such review.
  • To assure the policy and defined objectives related and documented to the applicable regulation.


Developed and designed Program by GlobalSTD

certificado global std
certificado global std


ISO 21001 Benefits

A quality management system implementation will inspire the improvement of the company, serving as a base for the certification of other regulations:

A bigger social responsibility. Providing to everyone equitable quality education.

Personalized learning and effective response for every student, especially for those with special needs in education and long-distance education.


Coherent process and assessment tools by demonstrating and increasing effectiveness and efficiency.

Excellent stimulation and innovation.


Process to obtain an international certificate with GlobalSTD

The certification process pays attention to every detail to make sure that the company duly complies with all of the standard’s requirements.

Quote and signing of the contract

GlobalSTD will send you a quote that includes the cost of the certification process, considering the number of employees that are part of the system, the applicable standard, and the scope of the audited processes.

Planning and Development of Audit

GlobalSTD will plan the audit and assign auditors with demonstrated competencies to audit the industry sector that corresponds to your organization.

Closing of Non-Conformities

After the audit has ended and only when it applies, the organization will send evidence that corresponds to the closing of the detected non-conformities, which will be reviewed and approved by the auditor.

Certification Committee and Issuance of the Certificate

The Certification Committee will confer to review and approve the issuance of the certificate. Once it has been authorized, the certificate is issued and the its delivery is planned.

  Get to know the certification steps ISO 21001.

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