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Non-Food Packaging Module (HPC 420)


HPC 420 foundation in collaboration with FSSC 22000 foundation, developed the new “Non-Food Packaging (HC 420)” module to certify non-food packing material manufacturing in an organism with FSSC 22000 certification.

This module is focus on packing sites that manufactures food & non-food materials packaging, combining the requirements with FSSC 22000-Quality (Q) Certification or FSSC 22000 Packaging + ISO 9001.

GloblalSTD is authorized to offer the service.

Module Scope

  • The implementation of the module is voluntary, however, is subject to market & client demand. Is available to organizations that manufacture containers and packaging materials.
  • The module will not apply to containers and materials that do not belong to any process in the audition site or activities related with marketers/agents, wholesalers, importations, distributions, or storage out of control from the organization.
  • When the module is request, the scope declaration will include every reachable process in site. Is not possible to exclude process or products from the certification scope.


The HPC 420 module is accepted by the new platform iCompliance, the same way the audit informs from the module shall be accepted by every member of iCompliance: https://icomplianceglobal.com/

The iCompliance initiative has the objective of boost the supply chain value through the thrust, collaboration, inclusion, continuous improvement and opening. Provides an efficient and collaborative way to warranty the quality of raw materials, components and products that will provide to the consumers the positive experience of the product and safety that they deserve.

FSSC 22000 Quality (Q)

This is an extra module design to be used in combination with FSSC 22000-Quality (Packaging).

Alternative, FSSC 22000 (packing) certified organizations in combination with a separate ISO 9001 Certification (packing) can also get in the program, every time they have their FSSC 22000 and ISO 9001 certification, both certificates by the same organism who will provide the service to certify the module.

The module is limited to organisms that have certification in FSSC 22000-Quality with the category: Food chain (manufacturing of packaging and packaging materials) that support declaration scope.

Non-food Packaging Module (HPC 420) requirements

15. Requirements.
15.1 General Requirements.
15.2 Documentation.
15.3 Process and products control.
15.4 Ambiental monitoring.
15.5 Complaints.
15.6 Pre-requirements.
15.7 Graphics and arts design.
15.8 Print Control.
15.9 Personal.
Annex 1: Multisite requirements.


  • Reduction of needs to do audits from suppliers of multiple brands.
  • Prove an efficient security and quality management in the whole production.
  • Provide confident to clients.
  • Demonstrate effective controls of change management.


Process to obtain a compliance certificate with GlobalSTD

The certification process pays attention to every detail to make sure that the company duly complies with all of the standard’s requirements.

Quote and signing of the contract

GlobalSTD will send you a quote that includes the cost of the certification process, considering the number of employees that are part of the system, the applicable standard, and the scope of the audited processes.

Planning and Development of Audit

GlobalSTD will plan the audit and assign auditors with demonstrated competencies to audit the industry sector that corresponds to your organization.

Closing of Non-Conformities

After the audit has ended and only when it applies, the organization will send evidence that corresponds to the closing of the detected non-conformities, which will be reviewed and approved by the auditor.

Certification Committee and Issuance of the Certificate

The Certification Committee will confer to review and approve the issuance of the certificate. Once it has been authorized, the certificate is issued and the its delivery is planned.
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