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A certification under the FDA FSMA requirements, to import food for humans and animals into the U.S.



In compliance with the FSMA of FDA regulation

The FDA FSMA act, the Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) for importers of human and animal food, requires importers to carry out certain activities based on risks to verify imported food to the United States produced in compliance with the applicable security standards.


FSVP is a program that importers covered by the standard shall implement to verify that their foreign importers produce food according to with the same public health preventive control or production regulations within the United States, to guarantee suppliers didn’t adulterate or badly labeled allergens.

Documentary FSVP

Global Standards original production

Importers are responsible for actions that include:

  • To determine known or reasonably foreseeable risks in each food.
  • To evaluate a food risk, according to hazard analysis and performance of the foreign supplier.
  • To use this posed risk assessment food, according to the hazard analysis and performance of the foreign supplier.
  • To use this posed risk assessment for imported food and performance of the supplier’s to approved vendors and determine proper verification activities of suppliers.
  • To carry out supplier verification activities.
  • To carry out corrective actions.

Accredited scopes for the certification:

Part 117 Preventive controls of food for humans (PC)
Part 120 HACCP (juices)
Part 123 HACCP (seafood)
Part 112 Primary production
Part 114 Acidified foods
Part 113 Foods low in acidity
Part 106 Baby formula
Part 105, 118 Shell eggs
Part 507 Preventive controls of animal feed.
Part 111 Dietary supplements.
Part 179 Irradiation of human food.


Our certificates are accepted everywhere in the world


The implementation of a food safety system FDA has great benefits like the following:

To demonstrate compliance with the FDA FSMA regulation requirements.

To generate trust with other interested parties so an organization could identify and control food safety risks.

The effect and growth of the company in the American market opening doors towards exporting.

To guarantee food production security with the same level of food safety than those products made in the United States.


Process to obtain an international certificate with Global Standards

The certification process pays attention to every detail to make sure that the company duly complies with all of the standard’s requirements.


Quote and signing of the contract


Planning and Development of Audit


Closing of Non-Conformities


Certification Committee and Issuance of the Certificate

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