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Recall classification

recall global

an example of withdrawing product, when a product has a higher risk to harm health and in some cases death to consumers, for example, contamination by microorganisms potentially harmful to health.
Legal unfulfillment.

recall global
Type2 Definition:

when withdrawing a product could cause temporary or reversible consequences to the consumer’s health if it's consumed i.e. diarrhea.

recall global
Type3 Definition:

when withdrawing a product which doesn’t cause any harm to health but affects the image of the product, for example, the inadequate labeling application or product quality.

When setting up a food safety system under international regulations, the recall products setting up or recovering unsafe products are a mandatory requirement with the purpose to be prepared if there’s an emergency where public health is threatened by a not safe product in your organization.

Next, we will present steps to follow in case there’s a recall situation or product withdraw when you’re certified with us

Download the following form and send us your recall situation to the following email address: foodsafetycrisis@globalstd.com   Download here

Note: the established time to assist and close the non-conformities will depend on the methodology of the applicable standard.

We share a list of active members of the committee to assist the recall.

Certification direction

Diego Ayala

Certification Technical Manager

Itzel Orozco Becerra