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Good Agricultura Practices recognized before the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)



A leading certification in the world to assure agricultural production recognize by the GFSI.

GLOBALG.A.P. design a diagram to achieve a safe and sustainable production with the purpose to benefit producers, retailers, and consumers of around the world. This standard is known as a regulation for Integrated Farm Assurance Standard (IFA), usable to farming, cattle, and aquaculture and includes other aspects for food and supply chain products such as the chain of custody and animal food manufacturing.

The certification includes:

  • Food safety and traceability
  • Environmental (includes biodiversity)
  • Health, security and employee wellbeing
  • Animal care
  • Besides Integrated Farming Management, Integrated Pest Management, Quality Managements System and Hazard analysis and Critical Points Control (HACCP).



The IFA regulation structure of GLOBALG.A.P. Based on a section system allows being certified in several sub-areas during one audit event.

The IFA regulation is formed by:


  • A General Regulation: includes the criterion for a successful PCCC implementation and establishes verification guidelines and regulations.
  • A Control Points and Compliance Criterion (PCCC): define the requirements to achieve the required quality standard.


The Control Points and Compliance Criterion (PCCC) are formed by:

  • A based section for every types of properties:
    The foundation of every certification hast the producer’s requirements to obtain the certificate.
  • The scope section:
    Describes the criteria for different sectors of food production and includes three fields: farming, animals, and aquaculture.
  • Sub-section field Includes requirements for a specific product like the following: fruits, vegetables, plant propagating material, etc. To achieve the certification, the producer shall comply the requirements of applicable sections

To achieve certification, the producer must comply with the requirements of all applicable modules.

GLOBALG.A.P. has several certification options:

  • Option 1: an individual certification, one site
  • Option 1: a producer with multiple sites of production without SGC implementation
  • Option 1: a producer with multiple sites of production with SGC implementation
  • Option 2: a group of producers with SGC implementation


Our certificates are worldwide accepted


Increases production efficiency.

Generate consumers trust.

Assures products safety.

Decrease natural resources waste.


Process to obtain an international certificate with Global Standards

The certification process pays attention to every detail to make sure that the company duly complies with all of the standard’s requirements.


Quote and signing of the contract


Planning and Development of Audit


Closing of Non-Conformities


Certification Committee and Issuance of the Certificate

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