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- Food Safety

IIA. Marlem Guadalupe Diaz Alvarado: Safety Coordinator, Global Standards   As time goes by, food safety and quality standards have become more demanding. An example of this is the FSSC Foundation: FSSC 22000, which has presented a new version to standardize the categories of the food chain according to the recently published one ISO 22003-1:2022

- Environmental

Since the ancient pre-Columbian civilizations, there was knowledge created by experience, which allowed us to understand how flowers, fruits, and vegetables develop in an environment and the relationship-benefit that is obtained when this environment allows us to gather certain characteristics such as crop rotation, associated crops, soil rest and the food chain of animals to

- Quality

An integrated management system (IMS) is a framework that combines multiple management systems into a single and cohesive system, such as quality, environment and occupational health and safety, into a single framework.   Auditing integrated management systems (IMS) is a thorough task that requires specific skills and knowledge; several competencies are required to enable the

- Quality

To have a correct execution of our 5-minute meetings we must plan them quarterly, monthly, or weekly, to have a correct preparation of the topics to be discussed daily; this guarantees not to exhaust the topics or to be very reiterative in some of them which could cause disinterest of the collaborators and even be

- Quality

Juan Medina / Auditor   An Integrated Management System (IMS) is a comprehensive framework that combines multiple management systems into a single, cohesive system made up of sets of standards such as ISO 9001, ISO14001 or ISO 45000, as well as processes and procedures that enable an organization to effectively manage its environmental, quality, safety,

- Food Safety

Food safety and the supply chain are two crucial components in delivering food to customers. While they are not the sole factors in management, analyzing each is essential to establish a potential relationship between them.   A supply chain constitutes a network encompassing the entire structure of your resources. It involves the journey of materials

- Quality

An “organization” can be initially defined as a person or a group of people with specific functions, responsibilities, authorities, and relationships working together to achieve their objectives. This can encompass independent workers, associations, corporations, companies, or firms (ISO 9000:2015 3.2.1).   On the other hand, a “process” is characterized as a set of interconnected activities

- Quality

The scope of registration and certification will need to reflect precisely and clearly the activities covered by your organization’s management system; any exclusion to non-applicable requirements of the standards should be documented and justified in the manual. No single business-related activity should exist outside of the scope. You should discuss the scope of registration prior


Labeling food correctly and in accordance with national regulations is essential to meet SQF Edition 9 requirements. A failure to meet mandatory requirements can have serious consequences, including non-conformances, certificate suspension or withdrawal as well as withdrawal of products from sale. 4 Ways a Food Safety Labeling Service can ensure SQF Edition 9 Requirements are

- News

Since 1947, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has been creating quality control standards to ensure the safety of products and services worldwide. With more than 22,000 quality standards in industries ranging from healthcare to food and beverages, ISO is committed to creating a safe and consistent user experience across countries and cultures. In addition,

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