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Every year, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) introduced an ISO Survey showing an overall view of ISO standards certification for management systems.   According to the 2019 survey results, the total number of valid certificates was less than 2017; the reason is associated with the involvement of certification bodies and changes in data, provided

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President Obama in 2011 signed FMSA, a work regulation set that changed the American Food Safety Systems for more than 70 years. The FDA published seven major regulations under FSMA, each one establishes new requirements creating responsibility in the industry to prevent pollution of food suppliers, instead of reacting to these issues.   *FSMA regulations

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Talking about education and after time, there’s been a big effort to provide education with good quality, evolving in infrastructure, equipment, staff competence, new programs and ways to study aiming to follow one mission: to improve our society.    Regarding the regulations, some institutions have fulfilled their challenges and transformed their goals, based on tools

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