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PrimusGFS Certification


Steps for getting the PRIMUS GFS certification

Contact a Sales Executive:

Use our toll-free numbers: 01 800 277 62 42, 01 (33) 36 30 45 46 or send us an e-mail at info@globalstd.com, and have one or our Executives give you the information you need and the PrimusGFS´s application format.
You will receive a quote after the questionnaire evaluation has been duly completed.

Signing of the contract and confirmation of the audit:

When the quote is accepted, the PrimusGFS contract is signed. This contract proposes the possible dates for the audit to schedule a final date. Finally, you will receive a confirmation letter.

  • Pre-Audit of Diagnosis (optional audit)

Before having the certification audit, you may request a pre-audit to evaluate the percentage of progress regarding the implementation of the scheme in your organization. *This event is NOT a consultancy session

Register in Azzule System’s database

The organization must register in Azzule System’s database to manage and control everything related to the audit. The registration must be completed before the certification audit.

Certification Audit

This audit is conducted on the assigned date. If non-conformities are found, a list of these non-conformities is given to the organization at the end of the audit. As of that day, organizations will have 30 days to solve the non-conformities.

Issuance of the Certificate

Once all non-conformities have been solved and accepted, the certification decision is made no later than 45 days after the end of the audit. To get or maintain the PrimusGFS certification:

  • The total score of the audit must be of at least 90%
  • For each module or operation, the minimum score is 85%
  • If the preliminary score is under 85%, no certification will be issued, and a new certification audit will be necessary.

Once obtained, the certificate will be valid for 12 months as of the date of the certification decision.

Surveillance and Re-Certification Audits

Re-certifications audits must be conducted before the 12 months after the certification decision of the initial certification have elapsed. During the one-year validity, unannounced surveillance audits can be conducted (with a 48-hour notice) by GlobalSTD or Azzule (responsible for the PrimusGFS program).

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