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  7 September, 2017   |   Quality  |   ISO 9004  |  
ISO 9004 and its services in companies

Privately or publicly, there are many companies in our countries with a quality management system implemented under ISO 9001 requirements that bet on to achieve trust, security and business excellence.


A quality management system requires an evaluation regarding the client’s perception, this allows companies to know if the quality is perceived internally and externally. One difficulty that companies face is that ISO 9001 does not establishes processes that shall be identified, since ISO does not standardize the approach when following the processes. To solve this and other obstacles, the organizations could study ISO 9004.


ISO 9004, “the management for an ongoing success” provides instructions to achieve ongoing success, through an approach based on quality management. This standard is an example for companies that could self-evaluate their level of maturity, leadership terms, strategies, process and resources and obtain a clearer and complete vision of quality, looking forward to the next step.


ISO 9001 and 9004 have a close relation, the first one focuses on requirements, so the company implements a quality management system; meanwhile, the second version fulfills the first one by providing ideas to carry it out at the organization; without considering the performed activity. ISO 9004 also has an entire chapter about the ongoing success (something not added in 9001), as well as a chapter of financial resources and participation and motivation of people that work in the company.


The 9004 standards do not have a certification, meaning there’s no sense of strict follow-up, only allows interested organizations shall improve the quality and services of the products by promoting a self-evaluation system.


The new ISO 9004 version is on the review process and waiting to be published in 2018. The objective of this renewal is to adapt to the present and future needs of companies and market changes. The revision is carried out by a working group ISO/TC 176/SC under the BSI secretary, United Kingdom.


According to Nigel Croft, a president of ISO/TC176/SC 2 committee, the new edition will be based on improving the last version orientation 2009; this will help the organizations to go beyond ISO 9001 standards, talking about the alignment and deployment of the strategy, the policy and objectives within the context to a wider vision, mission, values and culture of the organization.


ISO 9004 is recommended for any type of company, either public or private, independently the size of the sector; also, this standard is totally integrated to other management systems, like environmental, health and safety at work, among others.



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