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ISO 39001

Certification in road safety management system



International standard that identifies the elements of good road safety management practices that allow organizations to achieve the desired results.

The ISO 39001 standard specifies the requirements for a road safety management system that enables organizations to reduce deaths and serious injuries resulting from traffic accidents. The road safety approach under a management system can allow the most effective use of a management system from the cost approach.

The management system specified in this standard focuses on the organization, objectives, and goals of road safety, and guides the planning of activities that allow them to be achieved through a reliable road safety system approach.

The ISO 39001 standard is applicable to all organizations, regardless of their type, size or the service provided.


The requirements of this International Standard include the development and application of an adequate road safety policy, the development of road safety objectives and action plans that consider the legal and other requirements that the organization determines, as well as information on elements and criteria related to road safety that the organization identifies that it can control and modulate.

ISO 39001 has a high-level structure that allows it to be integrated with other standards.

The applicable requirements are:
4.- Context of the organization
5.- Leadership
6.- Planning
7.- Support
8.- Operation
9.- Performance evaluation
10.- Improvement


  • Maintain a documented system in accordance with ISO 39001.
  • Keep the scope of the certification clearly defined.
  • Maintain evidence of implementation of the management system for at least 3 months. *Recommendation.
  • Maintain internal auditors with the competence to conduct internal audits.
  • Maintain records related to at least one internal audit.
  • Maintain evidence of the implementation related to documented processes, record control, actions taken, internal audits, among others.
  • Maintain records related to the commitment of the management, where compliance with all the requirements established by the standard is ensured.
  • Ensure that the defined policy and objectives are related and documented in accordance with the requirements of ISO 39001.

International recognition

Our certificates are accepted worldwide

certificado global std     certificado global std

Benefits of ISO 39001

The implementation of a road safety management system will result in

Automotive cost reduction.

Improvement of the work environment by raising staff awareness of road safety.


Reduction of traffic accidents.

Improves the image of the company with customers and suppliers.


Process to obtain an international certificate with GlobalSTD
The certification process pays attention to every detail to make sure that the company duly complies with all of the standard’s requirements.

Quote and signing of the contract

GlobalSTD will send you a quote that includes the cost of the certification process, considering the number of employees that are part of the system, the applicable standard, and the scope of the audited processes.

Planning and Development of Audit

GlobalSTD will plan the audit and assign auditors with demonstrated competencies to audit the industry sector that corresponds to your organization.

Closing of Non-Conformities

After the audit has ended and only when it applies, the organization will send evidence that corresponds to the closing of the detected non-conformities, which will be reviewed and approved by the auditor.

Certification Committee and Issuance of the Certificate

The Certification Committee will confer to review and approve the issuance of the certificate. Once it has been authorized, the certificate is issued and the its delivery is planned.
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