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  27 January, 2022   |   SQF  |  
4 Ways a Food Safety Labeling Service Can Meet SQF Edition 9 Requirements

Labeling food correctly and in accordance with national regulations is essential to meet SQF Edition 9 requirements. A failure to meet mandatory requirements can have serious consequences, including non-conformances, certificate suspension or withdrawal as well as withdrawal of products from sale.

4 Ways a Food Safety Labeling Service can ensure SQF Edition 9 Requirements are met:

  1. Formal Label Verification Reports
    • Records of label compliance for all new and existing products shall be maintained.
    • Formal Label Verification Reports offer a comprehensive review and record of label compliance.
  1. Global Label Review Compliance Centers
    • Product Labels shall comply with the food legislation that applies in the country of manufacture and the country(ies) of use or sale if known.
    • A global Food Safety Labeling Service allows access to the expertise of a global network of food safety consultants who can review labels to meet access requirements in destination markets.
  1. Accuracy of Finished Product Labels
    • The site shall document and implement methods to control the accuracy of finished product labels and assure work-in-progress and finished products are true to label regarding allergens.
    • Food Safety Labeling Service experts can review labels and advise on everything from design to allergen declarations.
  1. Insurance from vulnerability to food fraud due to mislabeling.
    • The methods, responsibility, and criteria for identifying the site’s vulnerability to food fraud including mislabeling shall be documented, implemented, and maintained.
    • Food Safety Labeling Service experts can identify and correct mislabeling in Allergen Statements, Label Translation, Nutrition and Health Claims, Specifications, Principal Display Panel and Special Claims.


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