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SQF Certification


Steps for getting the Code SQF certification

Register your company in the database of SQF

(Register here) You must register in the evaluation database of SQF to be considered for the certification. It is an annual registration and a fee that depends on the size of the organization must be paid. You should maintain your registration at all times in order to keep your certification. To learn more about the registration fees, Click here.

Assign a person responsible for the SQF System

The SQF code requires that each plant have someone in charge of the system. Such person must be qualified for the development, implementation, review, and maintenance of the system.

Identify the scope of the certification

Before the audit, the organization and the certification body must work together to identify and define the scope of the certification. The scope should determine the elements of the system and the applicable modules of the plant, and cannot be modified during or after the audit.

Documentation and implementation of the applicable SQF Code

The organization must document and implement the elements of the system and the Good Manufacture Practices modules of the applicable SQF Code.

Please contact GlobalSTD´s Sales Department to get an economic proposal for the certification.

Your Sales Agent will give you more information and details about the certification audit. Also, you may request a pre-audit, during which the differences between your system and the requirements of the applicable SQF Code will be identified.

Schedule your audit

The initial certification has two stages:

  • Desk Audit
  • Facility Audit

You may find the steps of the certification in the applicable SQF Code.

Issuance of the Certificate

Once the facility audit is completed, the organization obtain a passing score, and closed all non-conformances (if any) ,therefore, a certificate will be issued. Such certificate will be valid for one year as of the last day of the certification audit.

Annual Recertification

The recertification audit is conducted to verify the continuous effectiveness of the organization’s complete SQF System. This audit should take place 30 calendar days before or after the anniversary of the last day of the initial certification audit.

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